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Inspiration for Lively Balance

Like many people, my life sometimes feels like a juggling act.  My husband, each of my kids, my friends, my career, my home, my own interests…  Demands for my time are many, and learning how to balance it all is (and probably will always be) an ongoing effort.  But I don't want to just survive the day-to-day.   I want to feel fulfilled and inspired!  I want to build memories with my family, develop my hobbies, and seek out new experiences.  

I want to use Lively Balance to describe how I manage my time (or waste it), to share the things that inspire me, and to show off new projects - crafts, foods, activities.   And because I need to be conscious of how I choose to spend my time, I hope that Lively Balance will keep me accountable and help me make choices that enable me to live a full life while maintaining balance.    


Because I am somewhat cautious about sharing too much information about my family online, I refer to them by nicknames here.  I met my husband, NerdDad, shortly after moving to Columbus.  We have been married for about three and a half years.  We have two amazing kids - an almost-two-year-old daughter, Kat, and a newborn son, Buddy. 

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